Installing LuxRender on Ubuntu 10.04

Published on
Aug 14, 2010

You will definitely need this for cool web design :)

The installation instructions for LuxRender are available at the official LuxRender's website, but if you need quick'n'easy steps that just work, then read on:

If you need to install LuxRender in Blender 2.5, please check out this link. One thing should be emphasized - when you select the path for LuxRender with the 'folder button' it sets the relative path to Blender which doesn't work. You need to set the absolute path like /home/user/lux/...etc.
  1. Download bzipped LuxRender for your CPU type from here and extract it.
  2. Check the file permissions on the extracted files (right-click > properties > Permissions), "Allow executing file as program" should be checked on all files in Permissions tab, except If not, set accordingly. You can change the permissions only as root, so open file browser from the shell (or by clicking Alt+F2) like so: gksu nautilus
  3. Type in nautilus (file browser) Ctrl+L, and enter this location, change your_user_name to yourself :) /home/your_user_name/.blender/scripts/blender/
  4. Drag and drop from the extracted folder to the last opened window.
  5. Then in Blender: in the Settings (on top, if you can't see it, just drag the top border down) set File Paths: Set Scripts to (/home/your_user_name/.blender/scripts/blender/), and set Plugins (to opened folder).
  6. Ctrl+U to save these settings.
  7. When you start rendering the first time with LuxRender (Script > Render > LuxBlend), it will ask you for the LuxRender's path, provide it.