A Quick Sketch of the Ideal Drupal Site Planning

Published on
Jan 16, 2011
Here's a bunch of personal observations for a more effective team collaboration in working environments.

Block - based theming

Homely Modules Development

Automated Testing

Tests are great when you have a clearly defined website specifications or plan or sketch or a skeleton. Whatever it's name, it provides the standards from the client, which shouldn't be changed. Therefore the standards, translated to the programming language are simply called automated tests. By defining these tests, which are by their nature can become a reusable code - we insure that the data presented to the user is always consistent with the spec. Of course it requires more work, but it pays off well when we start debugging by burning a significant amount of time after some minor change that we made.
Define 20+ presentable pages of the website. Write Selenium tests. For each commit, run tests to see if it fails and where. For example, header should be 800x50 pixels, so after changing a .js or a .css file, it should stay the same after page's loading.