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Ten great designs of 2010

From 2010-06-30
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Experienced web designers know that a great web design can be separated to three basic categories: Informational / Functional / Promotional, where Informational category is of course is of the foremost importance since it's primary.


From 2010-06-19
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The modern belief can explain many different things. One amongst them is the reason why you are here. Whilst the majority of great minds are facing other important challenges such as exploring different planets and struggling with the main proof for an abstract pleasure and it's relevance to subjective life, I will not try to to continue the line! Instead let me bring you really good news!

Please DO WAIT Till We're Ready!!!

From 2010-02-19
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And there are the famous Design Patterns. Brought to life by Christopher Alexander they bacame very familiar and useful. And yet, many confuse the name of the method with other things in life. The word Design, is indeed related to construction / creation / building not only structures for humans, but any structure that has any use. And when talking about use or functionality, we are touching the other 'extreme'. So on one hand we have pattern, and on the other - functionality. According to Gregory Bateson, they are indeed one.