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Logo Design Prototyping for a Social Network

From 2014-08-31
Fast design prototyping is the only way to keep afloat in the sea of competition. So unless you have unlimited budget, the best strategy is to work it fast and in a convincing manner. The success of the presentational transmission shouldn’t be perfect, but it must surpass some minimal and acceptable perceptual threshold - namely the “feeling”.

Show several views with AJAX in Drupal 7

From 2012-06-28


So you've created your views in Drupal. You supposed that they would bring you calmness into peaceful life. And then you get a new request from your customer -- I want these views to be rendered inside tabs, I want them ten or more per page, and I want them to load dynamically. If you're not a stunned Drupal-only developer, but just a normal guy or gal with a pile of development knowledge, you'll probably try to render your view programmatically using views_embed_view() or similar, then return it to the client side, which is after all some jQuery .click() event with a .post(), and you'll hope for the best.

Better design for web input elements

From 2012-06-22
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Better design means better user experience. So how do we deliver it to the users?

We minimize users interaction.

Unfortunately we still find today a lot of weird web forms. How often do you find these annoying date input fields, where you see a plain text box with a nice example text explaining you the correct format, e.g. dd-mm-yyyy or such?

Amazing legacy bug in Google Chrome!

From 2011-11-22

So you thought Google Chrome is almost perfect, bullet-proof, iz-da-browser, and, what say you? Sure, it would be unfair, almost untrue to claim the opposite, however, there is a neat bug, and you could argue that it's not a bug but a feature, and I could argue back, and... you got it.

But since the people who wrote the Chrome are from Venus and Mars, just like you and me, their main belief is that user's experience should be comfortable, easy, and fun. You could think that I'm getting paid for this implicit advertisement, but I'm not. What they did to Chrome is this: they taught him to automatically fix errors that a programmer presumably created. And since they're awesome, all this error fixing is of course super fast, it's realtime.

Easy backup bash script

From 2011-08-08
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Here I'm showing you a simple script which dumps and stores any number of databases, then compresses them into tar.gz files.

The archived files will have unique names containing script's execution time. It should run an any Linux/Unix machine. This was written as a daily backup, it doesn't delete any previous backups, nor does it implement any incremental backup functionality. It just a simple script for your joy, so have fun.

Problems during Redmine installation on Ubuntu

From 2011-08-06

Some patience is required to successfully install the Redmine. But some people are just like me - don't have it, especially when doing something for fun on their free time. If you encountered similar issues (and probably you did, if you googled for this article) - read next on how easily this can be fixed.

Steps towards the more ecological web development teams

From 2011-07-24
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Contemporary web technology is rapidly evolving together with the demand for online services and more attractive, more functional and faster websites are born. Some fifteen years ago, when the old looked approximately like most of the websites, and people were uneasy with the noisy sound of connecting modems, most of the websites were less interesting than they are now. Because today, it's even hard to find a website, where you will see "Under Construction" message with the same digging dude everywhere - a common practice in those times (why declaring that something is broken or not fully working?). But now everything virtually physical is available through the Internet - information services like news are easily accessed, every respectful business will happily provide all available data about their products and happily supply goods on your buying-request or will provide any relevant information. In this reality the competition dictates it’s own rules, and so the web technologies with qualified professionals and the demand for them -- all together evolve. With the growing demand grows the supply too. There are plenty of tools for web development, both free and non-free. There are lots of amazing designers, and plenty of charismatic salespeople who will promise you exactly what you want and/or need in exactly the right time, and if you’ll buy it right now you’ll get a "WOW" discount. All of that good stuff looks like the direct relation of the amount of money or professional time spent on the website, which is an indispensable service just like Bill Gates promised many years ago. How does one choose the right people, and the right technology when there is a plethora of them? How one doesn’t get lost in the completely foreign world? The short answer would probably be - you'll need some map that you can understand and trust and you won’t be lost. In this article, I’m going to start outlining such a map.

Using the graphical Open Source Software

From 2011-05-31
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The first extensive article about using the graphical OSS has combined some of the central experiences for beginners and more advanced users. The main purpose was not to compare OSS to the proprietary software in general, but rather to "put it all together on the map"

Quick images uploader for your blog. A real time saver!

From 2011-02-13
Laziness is the ultimate locomotive of the Progress. Many times I realize that I need a much simpler and more efficient image uploading mechanism, simpler than the regular and annoying file dialog, and even easier than an FTP client. That's why I wrote the script below. You can just copy-paste it into your new python file, name it like The script asked me to allow him to explain to you about what he's doing, and I gladly agreed with him, so what's following next - is his own explanation of the process.

A Quick Sketch of the Ideal Drupal Site Planning

From 2011-01-16
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Here's a bunch of personal observations for a more effective team collaboration in working environments.

Block - based theming

  • Although .tpl files are slower, the coding flow should always go through .tpls.
  • Everything is a reusable block/partial.