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asdf in web development and beyond

From 2010-11-17
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You got it right. The asdf sequence as it may seem at the first glance is a very handy tool. When editing HTML, PHP or other type of code, frequently you need to pause your work and remember the current place in order to copy something from somewhere (maybe from the same big file) and then quickly go back and paste it right where you were focused before. Some people use bookmarks, others remember it. But remembering requires a minimal effort, when the "autopilot mode" is desired.
The quickest and most effective way to do that, is typing asdf. This does two good things to you:
  • First, as you already guessed, it leaves a bookmark. So coming back is just as easy as pressing Ctrl-F and then stroking the magical asdf.
  • Secondly, if you're editing a code which is compiled, then the compilation won't succeed, which means, you'll never forget to come back to this bookmark.

Finally, you can always use similar sequences like zxcv or qwer etc., to add more reminders as required.

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From 2010-11-09
When developing websites with OSS, most likely that you're using the good eternal PHPMyAdmin for the DB interactions. One annoying thing about development, is that you rarely need the connections to the internal DB to be more secure than it would normally be on the server, or need just a minimal security as in case when you're working in a company which is protected by a good firewall. And why am I reminding this? Because during a work day you can return to PHPMyAdmin several [tens] of times and each time rediscover this annoying message which forces you to type again and again the username and the password, or at least, to click on the 'Go' button, or you know what? You know...
The cure?
Find your config.default.php with something similar to
locate config.default.php
Open the file, find the line which contains LoginCookieValidity and set the value to something like:
$cfg['LoginCookieValidity'] = 54000;