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Using the graphical Open Source Software

From 2011-05-31
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The first extensive article about using the graphical OSS has combined some of the central experiences for beginners and more advanced users. The main purpose was not to compare OSS to the proprietary software in general, but rather to "put it all together on the map"

Quick images uploader for your blog. A real time saver!

From 2011-02-13
Laziness is the ultimate locomotive of the Progress. Many times I realize that I need a much simpler and more efficient image uploading mechanism, simpler than the regular and annoying file dialog, and even easier than an FTP client. That's why I wrote the script below. You can just copy-paste it into your new python file, name it like The script asked me to allow him to explain to you about what he's doing, and I gladly agreed with him, so what's following next - is his own explanation of the process.

Create a grungy poster in GIMP in 100 clicks or so

From 2010-12-25
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A qick intro. GIMP is an exceptional graphical tool, in most cases, just as functional as Photoshop. With little exploration and creativity, it's possible to create almost any graphical design solely in GIMP. Internet is full of Photoshop tutorials, but there are not much tuts for GIMP. This isn't surprising since Photoshop is a commercial tool, which is the first choice of designers who want to pay and get what they pay for. I mean, time: usually it takes a little less time to create anything in Photoshop. In spite of that, for those who worked with GIMP and got used to it, it's clear that any Photoshop tutorial can be easily and with minimal side-effects translated to "GIMP patterns language". In this article I would like to demonstrate this and back my statement.

Developing with Open Source Software

From 2010-11-27

Today, according to w3techs, more than two thirds of the web servers are based on Open Source Software (OSS). Also according to the same source, around 77% of websites are written with Open Source languages like PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python. This is a good reason to start being interested in OSS. Taking it a bit further, it seems that OSS is already ripe enough to provide plenty of tools which are enough to create any imaginable HTML based website.