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Show several views with AJAX in Drupal 7

From 2012-06-28


So you've created your views in Drupal. You supposed that they would bring you calmness into peaceful life. And then you get a new request from your customer -- I want these views to be rendered inside tabs, I want them ten or more per page, and I want them to load dynamically. If you're not a stunned Drupal-only developer, but just a normal guy or gal with a pile of development knowledge, you'll probably try to render your view programmatically using views_embed_view() or similar, then return it to the client side, which is after all some jQuery .click() event with a .post(), and you'll hope for the best.

Easy backup bash script

From 2011-08-08
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Here I'm showing you a simple script which dumps and stores any number of databases, then compresses them into tar.gz files.

The archived files will have unique names containing script's execution time. It should run an any Linux/Unix machine. This was written as a daily backup, it doesn't delete any previous backups, nor does it implement any incremental backup functionality. It just a simple script for your joy, so have fun.

Nofollow that becomes Dofollow in your website's comments?!!

From 2010-08-14
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Sometimes, more than often, you won't allow nofollow links in your comments. And sometimes, less than often, there will be those smart people, or just merely utilizers, who will overcome this barrier pretty easily.

The situation becomes even more confusing when you discover that these comments on your website don't have nofollow links, but in your database these same comment do have them! Pretty weird huh?